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Im moving my site/this site to:

Click on above link to take you to my new site
God! im not trying to make this seem like some bad site, im truely wanting you to go to my newer site as it has new content.

Start going there instead (its the Wordpress version of the site)
Im almost done moving all of the articles from here(google sites) to there (wordpress)
Eventually www.kossboss.com will be pointed to the wordpress site.

- setup wordpress on ram.kossboss.com (DONE!)
- all articles have been moved to ram.kossboss.com (DONE!)
- all new articles will be posted on ram.kossboss.com only 
-eventually I will point www to ram (and google sites will DIE!)
but first I want to make sure the most popular pages have the same name
so that we dont get any Errors. Or else google and the other sites linking to me will give lots of my visitors 404 errors. (we dont like those errors)
- why 'ram' name? its on a ramnode server www.ramnode.com (eventually that will change to www)

UPDATE 1/29/2014:
Online XRAID CALC was down for a few days sorry.
I just moved it to its new home:

Volga Volga Russian Massage

If your around Salt Lake City, Utah and feel the need to get a massage/deep tissue massage/ or energy work done on you (helps relieve stress and calm the soul), then check out Volga Volga Massage Its a small family owned massage business. I promised I would help provide some marketing for it.

More Info/Contact Info HereVOLGA VOLGA MASSAGE