NETGEAR - UTM 3.x Firmware Process

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For UTM Upgrading to 3.x firmware
If upgrading from 1.x or 2.x firmware

Why the long process: Lots of variables have been changed, a completely new backend (even though GUI looks same). Analogy of the situation: Its like updating from Windows xp to windows 8, you wouldnt do an upgrade its better to do a fresh format and install.

NOTE: If you are already on the 3.x firmware then you can skip step 0 and step 3

if you want to do it the right way the first time

(0) If your on firmware older than 1.3.7 than do SECTION C - if you did SECTION C you can skip step 1 <--- (Update: 2/20/2013 OPTIONAL STEP)
(1) a- Write down and/or Screen shot all your configs 
    b- Backup your configs to a file (Go to Administration Tab - Backup and Restore - and hit Backup) - We will not use this file but its a good safe keep
(2) Write down the Registration/License key for your records do not forget to include the dashes and remember that its all upper case (Support-Registration Tab)
(3) Upgrade the firmware to latest 3.x firmware (all done from the Administration tab - Update sub-tab - Firmware sub-tab)
   a- DOWNLOAD Firmware (hit Query Button, then Select Latest Firmware, Hit Download, a Progress bar will come up and increase every 5%, you can explorer the interface into other tabs)
   b- INSTALL it (After it downloads, Hit the Install Downloaded Firmware Button, a Progress bar will come up and increase every 5%, DO NOT explorer the interface of the UTM while instaling)
   c- REBOOT into the new firmware (The installation will install it into the secondary image, so it will not be active, at the bottom check the Secondary radiobox and hit Reboot)
(4) Factory Default (This is done from the Administration tab - Back and Restore Settings subtab - Default button at the bottom of the page)
(5)  Access you factory defaulted UTM using its defaulted IP of (make sure your IP is in the same subnet as the UTM, so set its IP to be, for example, with a subnet mask of and a gateway of
(6) setup wan settings so you have internet and lan settings so you have the right network
(7) Find the Registration Tab - Put in the Key (all caps, include the dashes "-", the other information needs to be blank and the drop down menus on the blank option as well)
(8) Hit register
(9) If application control doesnt appear as a type of license that you have Then his "Update Info" then hit "Register" under application control. All this is done on the same tab where you put in the key.
(10) manually reconfigure from the word document (do not use the restore backup config. because that is for old firmware which uses different enviornmental variables and etc., its not going to work, must manually reconfigure)
(11) start the reconfigure with the WAN settings then move on to LAN settings, then VPN, then Firewall rules and the rest.
- Remember to set your computers IP settings back so that the PC is in the subnet of the UTM
(12) setup the rest

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