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[update:] Great TMOBILE just made this same type of plan so now its even easier to get :-) Pay as you go type of plan. 


By: Kossboss - 3/24/2013

Getting a 50$ per phone plan isn't a trick, and its not a scam or else I would not be writing about it.
Lots of you have heard of Pay as Go Plans, or Go plans, or whatever they go by. It doesn't matter the name of the plan, with the right company they can Rock.
We all know the big Names, Verizon, T-Mobile etc. However they have their own plans which all mostly constitute of 100$ dollar per month phone bills and contracts, yuck.
Their family plans might rock, but I think not being tied down to a contract is the best option.

This is where Simple Mobile (aka "My Simple Mobile" or "mysimplemobile.com" or "Mysimplemobile" or simply "Simple") kicks in. I used them for the past 2 years and they rock. They use T-mobile towers so service is never an Issue. Your phonebills are never more than 50$ a month. Internet, Text, and Talk is unlimited - You can even setup a Hotspot if you root your Android phone - and some phones just can make a hotspot for free ex: the Google Nexus 4. 

I will focus this guide with the Google Nexus 4 because I believe that is the most price effiecient phone in the market today. You can get more for the price, period. Also speaking of money saving with the phone, the whole plan starting costs and cheap low monthly rate will make up for the cancellation fee with your current provider within a few months, just do the math you will see im right. I switched over from Verizon to this plan, I owed em 700$ when I did that and now I have made up for that 700$ over a couple times in the past 2 years. This is truly a priceless setup and Im greatful for Google's Nexus 4 which gives me an awesome phone and MysimpleMobile.com which gives me an awesome plan.

All you need following:

* they run anywhere from 1$ to 15$
* there are 2 types (MIRCOSIM and regular SIM CARD)
--- MICROSIM are used in some of the Newer phones like the Google Nexus 4 (I know Iphones use them, but I dont think Iphones are supported with MySimpleMobile)
--- Regular SIM Cards are used in almost all phones
* can purchase it online
* go to mysimplemobile and find a location near you - they can be at bestbuy, frys, walmart, and even small businesses
--- I remember I walked into refill my plan once at small Indian owned supply store on State St in Salt Lake City Utah

* Just purchase any TMOBILE phone full price
* There are plenty on Craigslist/Ebay and in small Cellphone Stores
* My favorite Option is to buy the Google Nexus 4 Online from google. (remember with the Google Nexus 4 you need to get a MICRO SIM card instead of regular SIM CARD)
-- They ship it to you within a couple of days
-- The phone is remarkably cheap, it has the value of a 500$ phone but its sold for half the price almost 300$

* Get an account at www.mysimplemobile.com
* Setting up an account is free
* Buy a 50$ plan (Not the blackberry plan, unless your using a blackberry phone ofcourse)


Once you get the SIM CARD (either a REGULAR SIM CARD or a MICRO SIM CARD) and a phone you can continue with these steps you will get item 3 The phone plan right in these steps.

1. Stick the SIM CARD or MICROSIM CARD into your PHONE (follow the instructions of your phone)

2. Turn on the PHONE

3. Apply your MONTHLY PHONE BILL to your PHONE by using their online system from a computer by you or simply Call Mysimplemobile Support - just make sure to call within business hours they are not 24/7 unfortunatly, but thats fine the service you get in the end is remarkable. If they say the Nexus 4 is not on the supported list, just call back and talk to another agent that knows his stuff. I have a Nexus 4 and I have fully functioning service. They will help you get the SIM CARD into your PHONE and the PHONE.

4. You can have SimpleMobile Customer Service help you with this or you can google for it - but essentially in your Phones Settings list, go to your APN Settings and set it up accordingly for your phone. What are the APN settings for? Well they get Multimedia Messaging and Internet working so you can surf the web and pic message all day long.

If your not sure how to set it up google wins at this too, try a search like this: "Nexus 4 APN settings for Mysimplemobile". For another phone just replace Nexus 4 with that model. Just realize before you google that Mysimplemobile.com has a pretty comprehensive list of how to fill out the APN settings for all of their supported phones, you only need to google it if your phone isnt on the supported list.

Dont worry if your phone is not on the supported list, it doesnt mean its not going to work, infact read my next SIDE NOTE to understand why.

Also if you get an intelligent customer service rep then this wont be a problem at all because they will gently glide and guide you through this process

Here is how I set up the APN settings for my Nexus 4:

Mister Andrew Martonik has a nice guide on this right here: http://www.androidcentral.com/how-setup-right-apn-your-nexus-4 
In that table he has midway through his webpage look at the right most column for instructions on setting it up with Simple Mobile. Im going to copy paste that picture just right here, in case that site ever falls out of the webspace world -  There is one small part he forgot, one small settings - actually big setting, and I will include it below, just dont forget to include it:

--Detailed Nexus 4 APN Setup Instructions:--

Get into your phones settings (lots of ways to do this, but just open up the "App Drawer" and find "Settings", or open up the Notification slide down by dragging your finger from the very top of the screen to the bottom and click the person picture on the top right and  then click settings)

Then once in settings click "More.." then click "Mobile Networks" then click "Access Point Names"
Then once your in "Access Point Names" you should see "T-Mobile US" at the top - if you dont thats okay.

Just click the top right button that are "3 squares" and hit "New APN".

Then fill out the settings as I have them summarized below - dont forget to include the APN Type field. There are alot of other fields that appear that you can leave as default

WARNING: EVERYTHING IS CASE AND SPACE SENSITIVE SO IF I TYPE "SIMPLE Mobile" do not type "simple  mobile" and if I say to put in "simple" DO NOT put in "Simple". Do not have trailing or leading spaces like this: " simple" or "simple " or a combo of trailing and leading " simple ".

--The main APN Settings:--
* Name: SIMPLE Mobile
* APN: simple
* Proxy: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
* Port: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
* MMSC: http://smpl.mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
* MCC: 310
* MNC: 260

He forgot to include the following so dont forget this next part, the APN type tells the phone carrier what type of messages need to get carried across, so this is ultra mega important or else you will not get MMS (multimedia text messaging) or Internet.

* APN Type: default,supl,admin,dun,mms

--Here are the fields I didnt touch - the default fields:--
*Username: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
*Password: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
*Server: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
*MMS Proxy: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
*MMS Port: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
*Authentication Type: IPv4
*APN roaming protocol: IPv4
*Greyed out item APN enable/disable (APN enabled CHECK) <- I believe that greyed out item gets checked on the next step when you enable the APN
*Bearer: Mine said "Unspecified" without quotes

Once done filling everything out Hit the 3 Squares the bottom and hit "Save"
You should now be back to the APNs menu (aka "Access Point Names" menu) where before you just had "T-Mobile US" now you should also have "SIMPLE Mobile". If you didnt have "T-Mobile US" Before then now you should only have "SIMPLE Mobile" - thats okay dont worry. 

Click on the Circle on the right side of "SIMPLE Mobile"  to enable our SIMPLE Mobile APN and hit back and or home. To confirm it worked Follow Step1 and Step2 to go back there and make sure your settings are still there :-)

Now you should have internet and text messaging and the rest of the phone is now should be working

[Troubles with Internet and/or Picture Messaging]
* If you dont have internet and or MMS, try using google and search "APN settings for Nexus 4 on MYsimpleMobile Plan" or "Nexus 4 Simple Mobile APN Settings". 
* Also if your default fields didnt match the ones I have above, try changing your APN settings to match what I have up there - just dont forget to save everytime you change em.
* Just heed the warning above Make sure when you put in the APN type and the other settings that you dont have any spaces in between the commas, or any spaces trailing or leading that text. Its whitespace sensitive, is what us IT guys call that.

when I got the Nexus 4 it was not on MYsimpleMobile supported device list, but take into consideration that they dont update that list as often as they should, the best place to find out if your phone is supported is via forums and a google search like this "Is the <PHONE MODEL> supported with MysimpleMobile?", for example before I bought my Nexus 4 I google searched "Is the Nexus 4 supported with MysimpleMobile?" The answer on every site was YES - so I got it, and it worked)

Here is the catch but dont worry its not a big catch and they have since fixed this neusance:
The only bad thing about it all is the customer service of Mysimplemobile is probably the worst. When I started with them 2 years ago I remember they wouldnt charge my card even though I had more than enough $ on it, and once they did and my bank told the charge went through however Mysimplemobile couldnt see it. I think at one point in time I was screaming at them and I thought I was about to give it all up. Honestly though after all that screaming and fighting with their Customer Service team, I was left with a fully working phone and everything was A okay. Infact more than A okay I now have in my possessetion the best phone deal on the planet. The reason this shouldnt be a big downer for you is because the  following: When do you usually call Customer Service? To argue a charge or a fee right? Well with Simplemobile you will never be charged more than your phone plan (50$) per month.

One more catch. This one is not a big deal unless you rely on Google Voice VoiceMail box. There is absolutely no way to make that work with Prepaid plans so give it up. If you 100% rely on the GVoice Voicemail then give this up now.

Why do most people not know about it?
Because most people only look at the big media commericials. Thats it, some of the best stuff is hidden behind the media and in your local stores or even hidden in big chain stores like Frys etc.

What about GPS?
Yes you get GPS too, but it depends on your phone, just get an Android and you will get GPS. Remember GPS is not a phone plan deal, its a phone device deal. Even without a phone plan you will have GPS. The Internet from your phone bill just helps you get the MAP so that your GPS can put that pin down of where you are on a physically visible map, without the internet the GPS would need a downloaded map of somesort or simply it would put the pin down in some blank white frame. The Latitude and Longitude and speed and altitude would always be correct but without a map to put it on, that would be quiet useless. So how can you get a map and GPS without an internet plan? Simple.. With your phone connect to a Wifi signal and download one of many map programs that cache(save) the map information on your phone. There is one called "MapsWithMe, Lite Offline Maps" that can get the whole United States Map under 200 MB. Thats not much considering todays Android phones come with 8 to 16 GB of storage and are expandable beyond that (note if your getting the Nexus 4, your stuck with whatever size you get - you cant expand the memory of those phones - thats a tiny slap in the face for all the feature rich options the Nexus 4 comes with)

Other information:
When it comes to the end of the billing month and your plan is about to wither away and die, its a jolly time when you need to go to www.mysimplemobile.com and birth a new plan for another whoping 50$ month. Dont worry this wont happen out of nowhere, you wont be left "plan-less" and "data-less" and essentially "phone-less", mysimplemobile will send you text messages a couple days in advance to warn you of upcoming drop of service unless you pay. So you can heed the warning and go online and pay for another plan and bam your good to go.

Note if you bought 2 months or 3 months worth of service which you can - i do that all the time, every month you still will get the warning that your plan will be shutoff unless you pay it,  just ignore those messages this time.

The startup cost is what 15$+300$ for simcard and phone along with a recurring 50$/month charge for phone plan. Its a fools decision not to go with this type of service. The only reason I can see a person not going with this plan and being smart is if their family plan really is logically better money savings wise, or if your company pays for your phone.

1. Get a Nexus 4 from google.com/nexus
2. When you get the phone, Find a simplemobile location using their site locator on www.mysimplemobile.com
3. At the stoare buy the Simcard that fits in the Nexus 4 which is a MICROSIM CARD
4. Buy a plan and call Simple mobile simulatneously during business hours
5. Have then help you put the sim card into the phone and setup the APN settings
Recap of the APN Settings:
[Main APN settings]
* Name: SIMPLE Mobile
* APN: simple
* Proxy: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
* Port: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
* MMSC: http://smpl.mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
* MCC: 310
* MNC: 260
* APN Type: default,supl,admin,dun,mms
[Defaults below]
*Username: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
*Password: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
*Server: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
*MMS Proxy: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
*MMS Port: leave it blank (it should say "Not set" without quotes)
*Authentication Type: IPv4
*APN roaming protocol: IPv4
*Greyed out item APN enable/disable (APN enabled CHECK) <- I believe that greyed out item gets checked on the next step when you enable the APN
*Bearer: Mine said "Unspecified" without quotes