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What This Does For you:

So you have iSpeak or SpeakIt but they can only read websites right? Well this is a website :-) Paste your text in the box below and have your SpeakIt!, or whatever Text to Speech program/addon, read your text aloud for you.

I use this all the time and not because I am a novice reader :-) Everybody gets tired after countless hours of reading. These little Text to Speech addons help out alot actually. Especially if your eyes ever get tired of reading and you need to give em rest, you can have this little gadget/addon take over for the reading. Of course it doesnt read as fast as you can to yourself but its a pretty good idea :-)

The cool thing about next gen TTS engines is they sound alot more real and comforting then the prehistoric andro-human voices. iSpeak actually sounds like a human - well close enough to one, not like those robotic noises you remember from a "speak & spell"

How to use this:

1. Use Google Chrome to access this page your on

2. Install iSpeak or any Chrome Text To Speech Engine
    Or go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/home and search for iSpeak
    There are other engines like Speak It that are worth checking out. My favorite is just iSpeak. It give me a right click option with the mouse and also an icon by the URL bar

3. Type any text below in the text box

4. Select the text you want to be read from the text box

5. Right click and select the iSpeech or Speak it option to have it read aloud - or whatever method you use to have the TTS engine read back for you

Not a Chrome user? Well you can always convert to it. Actually I'm sure there is an addon for Firefox and for IE just for TTS - Text To Speech Engines.

The Speak Box: