NETGEAR - READYNAS - XRAID Volume Size Calculator - ONLINE V1.8

UPDATE 1/29/2014:


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THIS APPLIES TO READYNAS 4.2.x INTEL UNITS and 4.1.x SPARC UNITS. Although the Numbers for READYNAS 6.0 should come up close to the same when having the new READYNAS 6.0 in XRAID mode.

However here is link to the html:

What is this? Calculates your total useable size with a Readynas with any set of disks. Read all the notes to understand how this calculator applies. Its a perfect tool to see how much space you will get after a Factory Default. However when you expand the readynas, there are a few factors that come into play like you may not expand with smaller disks, you cant expand past 16 tb and you cant expand in 8 tb increments - these are not limitations of the readynas but more of limitations of the universal filesystem in use (ext4).

Whats new in 1.6? I fixed the RAID 6 algorithm, so now its completely accurate (to within + or - 1% or 2% - it does not matter its accurate enough)