WINDOWS - clcl - Best Clipboard manager

Download (i cant find a link that doesnt have bloatware, just make sure to not install the crap bloatware during installation):

Many clipboard managers exist outthere but none as good and old school as clcl (I tried many and this one prevaled)
it can have templates and also your history, so when I click my magic clcl buttons (Control-` - thats control tidle for me) it rings up my template of commands (Commands, L2, L3, kossboss, Other) and also it brings up my history of commands (as you can see im working on my grep search terms)
It minimizes to taskbar as a little paperclip like this: 
The main interface looks like this:

Who cares how it looks like!!!
Lets set it up because its amazing, without the right setup its not as good. and there are alot of options that might make it confusing

So go to the Options and Action menu and set it up like this (remove a couple of the enteries and keep some others)

Make sure to edit your Menu (in my case its Control-` ) item so it looks like this:

Edit it to be a menu, hotkey with whatever button you want, i like control-` because thats not used in anyother app, make sure to setup your menu like that: template, seperator ----, history (ascending - that way newest at top), & cancel. The history and cancel and seperator dont have any options, however the template does (thats why im showing you how my template menu option is set up. It only has one option, path, set it to root \ (or backslash), meaning show you every template. That means every template you have will show up. The templates are setup like a tree, so a \ shows the whole tree, you can if you want, select a subset of the tree.

Last important note:
Save status (Shift Control S): This will save your current template and settings, if you dont do this you will lose your template settings. Its shift control s, not just control -s , control s saves the current selected template item to a single file, not what you want.
Export: save your templates (but not settings) to a file, I actually save these to a dropbox so that I always have em, and they have my commands, i date every export so I can go back in time, I literally have 1000s of these I started using clcl back in 2011 so you can imagine i have alot. When exporting it will ask what part of the tree to export, export everything so select the root or backslash \, but it doesnt appear as root and not as backslash, it just appears as "Template" so select the top of the tree "Template" to export everthing.

Template making:
For text items Make sure you select the type of New Item as format Text when you make a new item, then you put in the text in the next screen.
Alt-Up and Alt-Down - Move item up and down
F2 - rename the current template item

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