WINDOWS - partition and formatting a disk usb quickly with diskpart

in linux we would use sfdisk, or sgdisk, or any of the partitioning tools followed by making a filesystem and mounting the filesystem

In windows its all possible with the tool disk part

open cmd: WINDOWS-R cmd <ENTER>


list disk
find the disk number (by looking at the sizes) do list volume if list disk doesnt help enough
pretend out 1 gig flash drive is disk 4

select disk 4


list partition
create partition primary

we are just making 1 partition with ntfs on it

select partition 1
format quick label="newusb" fs=ntfs


thats it - below is more commands and how to get help
hit ? or just help then enter at any time for help
help <command>
like to get help for format:
help format

list volume - to see mounted volumes a volume is a drive letter (not necessarily a full disk in windows, its like a mount point in linux)
list partition - to see all of the partition of current selected disk (a partition in windows is the same as partition in linux)
list disk - (same as disk in linux - lol it better be)
detail volume - gets more info on volume
detail partition - gets more info on partition