Can two internet website companies have the same name?


With the vastness of the world wide web, it has turned the planet into one giant global community. It has made everything and anything accessible to anyone and everyone, wherever you are in the world. However, it is not without pitfalls, especially with regard to business.

In business, your business name or company name is your trademark, your calling card, if you may. Just like your given name, it makes you unique and helps you ‘stand out” in a sea of people. When coming up with a name for your business – and your website – you want it to represent who you are as a company and you want it to be unique. Unfortunately, with around 4.2 billion internet users all over the world and with almost 1.9 billion websites, it can be very challenging to have a singularly unique name for your company and website. And because of this, it is also not quite surprising to have identical company names and/or website companies.


Let’s take a look at the latter scenario. Is it possible to have the same website names? Technically, it is impossible for 2 websites to have the exact same address. For example, There cannot be 2’s because, when you enter a domain name, it is automatically checked if it already exists or not. If it does, you cannot use it anymore.


However, it is possible to have the same domain names but different extensions. Like,, or In this situation, you will be allowed to register the name. A word of caution, though. You should make sure that the nature of your businesses is different. You also have to check trademarks and copyright. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a legal bind.


Another scenario may be seemingly identical domain names. For example, and Again, this will not encounter issues with registration, even if the nature of the businesses is the same. However, trademarks and copyright should be considered so you do not get into a legal battle over the name.


Having identical domain names or seemingly identical ones may confuse consumers. It may end up as a win-lose or lose-lose situation. Your customers or clients may access the wrong site. Or you might find yourself reading inquiries for another business.


So when choosing a domain name, make sure you do your research, use the appropriate extension, and register it quickly. First one to register gets first dibs. Consider applying for a trademark to protect your interests. This will come in handy down the line, especially when your business grows and becomes quite successful.

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