How to unpublish a wordpress site without deleting it?


WordPress is one of the most common go-to content management systems of established and up-and-coming bloggers. It is free, does not have a complicated user interface, and very simple to navigate. It is a quick and easy way to publish any piece of writing and get it out to the public.

Sometimes, in the process of creating content, you do not want to share it with the public just yet. The best way to do so is to change the status from “Publish” to “Draft.”

This is quite simple to do. Simply log in to your WordPress dashboard. Go to the main menu and choose “Posts.” Choose the post you want to unpublish. By doing so, it will load the Edit Post screen. On the right side of the Edit Post screen, look for the Publish pane and the status field. Choose “Edit.” A pull-down menu will then appear. Choose “Draft.” Click the “OK” button and the “Update” button, and voila, your content is now unpublished and only you (or anyone whom you have given admin access to) can see the content.

In some cases, you might want to share certain content with a select group of people. This is possible in WordPress. You can change the status of any content to Private so only selected individuals or groups have access to the content.

To do this, simply log in to your dashboard and choose “Posts” then “All Posts.” Choose the content you want to make private and choose “Quick Edit.” Then, choose “Visibility” and set it to “Private.” And you are done. If you want to give people access to the content, you can assign a password to it and share it with the people as you deem necessary.

If you feel that your entire WordPress site should be made private, this is also doable. On your dashboard, go to “Settings,” then choose “Privacy.” You will see three choices: Public, Hidden, and Private. Public means everyone can search your site and access its contents. Hidden means your site won’t be searchable but if anyone has a link to your site or the address of your site, they will still be able to visit your site and access contents. Private means your site is not searchable and its contents are not accessible, except to you and any assigned administrator. Click on “Private.”

If, even on Private mode, you want to share your site with some people or groups, you can also do that. On your dashboard, go to “My Sites.” Choose “People” and then “Add.” By clicking on “Add” you have to give the email address or WordPress username of the people you want to give access to your site to. As you do so, you assign each person a role: Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, or Viewer. Their access will determine what they are able to do on your site.

Just remember that if the content was previously set to Public and people made copies of that, you would not have any control over that. At least you can prevent future access to your content.

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