Is it OK to accept a job offer but have another interview with another company?


Many articles have been written about how to ace a job interview and how to be an ideal employee. Some have been written about what to do if you get 2 exciting offers at the same time. But what if you have accepted one great offer then get an invite to a job application at another company? What should you do?

This is definitely a very positive thing for you, as the applicant. But before you make a decision, you should consider many factors. So, it is best to ask for some time to make that decision. This will give you the space you need to wait for other responses from other companies you have applied to and to study the offer of the company. And companies will understand this and not think badly of you. Most probably, they will appreciate the due diligence you are taking.


Companies understand that all applicants look for the best job and package for them. It is perfectly acceptable to decline a job offer that does not feel right for you. What is frowned upon, however, is to renege on a job offer in favor of another job offer. What will aggravate the situation is lying about it. It is not unlikely that the companies will find out sooner or later, given the global network we are all in.


As an applicant and an employee, you want to establish and maintain a respectable and trustworthy image of yourself in the industry. Failing to do so will hurt your career now and in the future as recruiters do take note of untrustworthy applicants. And recruiters have a large network and they share information with each other. And in today’s day and age, it is quite easy to do quick background or character checks. One wrong move can destroy your image for a long time.


So before you dig a hole for yourself, i.e. before accepting a job offer from a company, especially before signing a contract, make sure that you are certain about your decision. Read the terms and conditions carefully as well. Watch out for any clause pertaining to canceling the contract at any time. This will save you from legal issues later, just in case.


In the case when you cannot make good your promise to join a company because of unforeseen circumstances, like personal issues (family-related concerns, health concerns), it is best to be very truthful and sincere about it. Employers would understand and not take it against you.


We all dream to have the perfect job in the perfect company. Just make sure you keep your integrity in the process.

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