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Some people take to math like duck to water while some repel anything that has to do with numbers and calculating. If you are one of the latter, be thankful that technology has made it oh-so-easy to compute various things.  


On a daily basis, every regular Joe converts length, volume, temperature, and currencies. If you are in the fields of engineering, architecture, finance, or statistics, you calculate more stuff. Good thing there are online calculators that are available online to make life easier for professionals and regular folks.  


Foreign exchange calculator 

If you are in business and deal with international transactions frequently or you are a regular traveler, you need to be able to compute foreign exchange rates. There are many online forex calculators that do the job quite conveniently and accurately. With over 170 currencies all over the world and with currencies changing on a daily basis, it can be difficult to keep up. With online forex calculators, the exchange rate is always up-to-date and all you need to do is enter the amount and the currencies you wish to calculate. And voila! You already have the computed amount.  


Mortgage calculator 

If you plan to buy a house or already bought one, you should be able to compute your mortgage. Mortgage calculators are a big help when you want to compute mortgage repayments or get the recomputed payments if you wish to pay more than the monthly payment. It takes into account the loan principal, the balance, interest rates, terms, total number of payments, monthly payments, and even taxes and insurance. One popular choice is 


Investment calculator 

Another financial calculator must-have would be an investment calculator. When you make an investment, you need to be able to know if that investment is worth your while. You should be able to calculate the return of your investments. Just enter your starting amount, investment length, return rate, and additional contribution or annuity payment (if applicable), and the numbers are automatically computed. Investment calculators like the one from are definitely user-friendly. 


Health calculators 

In today’s day and age, it is quite imperative to monitor your health. Fortunately, technology has many offerings when it comes to keeping track of your BMI, your caloric consumption, body fat, lean body mass, among others. There are also calculators that compute your pace so you know the time consumed and the distance traveled on a daily basis. This can surely help keep you from having a sedentary lifestyle and have a more active lifestyle to prevent certain illnesses and diseases. 


Sleep calculator 

Monitoring movement is not the only thing that you should check. Calculating how much you have slept or how many hours of sleep you need is equally important. Sleep calculators help you determine what time you should sleep and what time you should wake up to get optimum rest. With all the stresses and activities that fill your life, you need quality sleep and enough shut-eye for your body to recuperate to be able to face the next day’s challenges. With a sleep calculator, this will force you to be mindful of the time you go to bed. 


There are still many other online calculators that are certainly useful. All you have to do is to search them all online and you will get a lot of useful results. 

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